2021 route maps

Want to put your Tour de Stooges route map in your phone? Click below for the links to the maps on MapMyRide (or scan the QR codes below). Analog? Print a map at home (No printed maps at the ride)


Curly, 13 miles                   Print the map

Larry, 27 miles                  Print the map

Shemp, 46 miles               Print the map

Moe, 63 miles                    Print the map


Roger Kramer Memorial Century, 100 miles               Print the map

qrcode_www.mapmyride.com (1).png
Larry, 27 miles
Curly, 13 miles
qrcode_www.mapmyride.com (2).png
Shemp, 46 miles
qrcode_www.mapmyride.com (3).png
Moe, 63 miles
qrcode_www.mapmyride.com (4).png
Kramer, 100 miles