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Lebanon Group Pedaling to Develop, Improve Trails, Routes in St. Clair, Surrounding Counties

There was a time, not so long ago, when bike enthusiast George Fero could hardly pedal his way to nearby Horner Park in Lebanon, IL. Total destination from his Lebanon home and back: 3.2 miles. What should take but a few minutes to complete...

"It probably took me 45 minutes," he now says with a laugh.

Wife Marie, sitting next to her husband, couldn't help but smile, either.

"You used to ride to Horner Park and could hardly breathe," she interjects, knowing that her diabetic husband decided to tackle bicycling in 2008 in the effort to lower his sugar level. "Now you can ride across Iowa."

Well, give or take a few days, of course. Fero, current member of the Board (Region 8) of the League of Illinois Bicyclists, continues riding along the bi-ways and highways in and around Lebanon, but it is his desire to make it much safer for bicyclists (as well as walking pedestrians) to enjoy a leisurely - as well as competitive - ride or walk without battling autos, trucks, and traffic. It is one reason he took on the vice president role of Gateway East Trails (GET), an Illinois nonprofit corporation, formed officially in 2010, to lead in the development of a bicycling and pedestrian infrastructure in and around Lebanon... READ MORE